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HE:AL Campus

A HealthTech living lab in Luxembourg

HE:AL Campus is a living lab for HealthTech companies in Luxembourg that combines sustainable facilities and a healthy work environment.

Welcome to the future of HealthCare Innovation at our sustainable HealtTech Lab Campus in Esch-Sur-Alzette!



When a HealthTech living lab meets biodiversity

for a sustainable future

HE:AL Campus is a HealthTech focused accelerator and living lab combining a physical and digital campus, for the growth and development of HealthTech start-ups and companies. The campus is sustainably designed and constructed, to promote well-being and a healthy environment.

HE:AL Campus is the epicenter of innovation, where sustainability meets cutting-edge technology to transform healthcare as we know it. This innovative concept combines a physical and digital campus to accelerate the development and growth of digital health and HealthTech start-ups. With a focus on diagnostics and preventative medicine as well as data driven therapies, the campus also serves as a platform for mature eHealth companies, such as digital health, AI, deep learning, and predictive analytics. By aligning the campus with its surrounding context and neighbouring communities, and incorporating sustainable design and construction, we aim to promote positive impacts and biodiversity for a healthy environment.

Join us in shaping the HealthTech landscape of tomorrow!


Provide a unique, interlinked, data driven, and healthy campus where innovative companies and their talents can thrive and create next-generation solutions that improve human health.

We believe in a greener and cleaner future for industries. That is why we created HE:AL Campus to support innovative solutions that enhance patient care while reducing our ecological footprint. Our state-of-the-art facilities are designed with sustainability in mind, from energy-efficient infrastructure to eco-friendly materials. Our HealthTech campus in Esch-Sur-Alzette is designed to minimize our environmental impact while still maximizing healthcare advancements.


Our vision is to become a globally recognized and interconnected campus, establishing ourselves as a world-class health science hub, where data-driven companies thrive.

From digital health to diagnostic and medical device companies, we are at the forefront of innovation. While we aim for global impact, we remain deeply rooted in our local HelthTech hub of Luxembourg. The HealthTech sector in Luxembourg is rapidly evolving, and we aim to support HealthTech actors to thrive by providing them with the best working environment.

Why Luxembourg

for your Healthtech Company

Luxembourg – a small state in the Centre of Europe

Luxinnovation: Healthtech mapping

Luxembourg is well known for its political and social stability, the multilingualism of its skilled workforce and its high standards of living

Did you know that the Grand Duchy is one of the most productive and competitive countries in the world? The Luxembourg Government actively encourages investment and innovation through a legal and regulatory framework designed to support business creation and economic development. Luxembourg’s fiscal climate is among the most favorable in Europe with the lowest VAT rate, moderate corporate income tax and an attractive personal income tax. Luxembourg is therefore a prime business location.

In the Luxembourg knowledge-based economy, innovative enterprises are encouraged to multiply their R&D activities through direct financial support of up to 50% of the costs of an industrial research project and up to 25% for a pre-competitive development project.

The results of this policy speak for themselves: Luxembourg is home to some of the most successful international companies.

An inclusive, multicultural country

170 countries in such a small space – that leaves its mark on society. Here you will find an open, international society, accustomed to intercultural and international exchanges, where the different communities live not just side-by-side but together. As a result, the Grand Duchy has earned for itself a reputation as one of the most inclusive economies in the world.

A warm welcome and a high level of quality of life

Health, safety, education, mobility: the Grand Duchy is a country where your workforce will fit in easily. With its large green spaces, its rural character and its intact environment, the Grand Duchy has everything your employees could want.

Our Blog

Find out the heart of HE:AL Campus through our informative and sharing blog section. Here, you’ll find a wealth of knowledge, insights, and updates of the latest breakthroughs in the HealthTech sector.  Whether you are a seasoned professional in the field or simply curious about the transformative power of technology in Healthcare, let’s explore the limitless possibilities that HealthTech has to offer!
Healthtech in Luxembourg

Healthtech in Luxembourg

Luxembourg has established itself as a burgeoning hub for health technology (healthtech) in Europe, driven by a dynamic ecosystem, strategic initiatives, and robust support from both government and private sectors. Key Drivers and Support Systems 1. Government...

HE:AL Campus: a unique healthtech project in Esch-Belval

HE:AL Campus: a unique healthtech project in Esch-Belval

HE:AL Campus is a groundbreaking project in the Luxembourg HealthTech sector, located in Esch-Belval, and distinguished by its commitment to innovation and sustainability. Context and purpose of the HE:AL Campus project The HE:AL project emerged from the desire to...

Our Project:

A new campus extension is under construction

We are thrilled to share exciting news about our campus extension currently underway. Join us on this incredible journey as we build the future of health technology, one innovation at a time.

Keep up with the progression of HE:AL Campus as this project comes to life :

2026-2027 I First HE:AL building expected

2025 | Construction starts

Q3: 2023 | Masterplan winner announced in September

Winner : A2M and EFFEKT

Q1: 2023 | Masterplan process has started

2020 | First component: The House of BioHealth (20.000m²)

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Press Release

The pulse of HealthTech innovation beats at its strongest. Here, we offer a window into the latest developments, achievements and transformative milestone we undergo, so you can stay updated with HE:AL Campus’s press releases to witness how our commitment to innovation and progress is redefining the Healthcare landscape. Dive into our presentations, collaborative partnerships and visionary insights as we share our journey in shaping the future of HealthTech.

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