Jan 31, 2024

In September 2023, during the Luxembourg Healthcare Week, a revolutionary announcement marked the beginning of a new era for the health and life sciences sector in Luxembourg. Eleven influential companies, members of Fedil (Federation of Luxembourgish Industrialists), joined forces to create Fedil Health Corporations, a federation dedicated to representing and promoting businesses in the fields of health and biosciences.

The birth of a collective ambition

Fedil Health Corporations was established with a clear and ambitious vision: to bring together private companies operating in the health and life sciences sectors in Luxembourg. This initiative arose from the need to create a representative voice for these companies in dealings with public authorities, thereby strengthening their collective voice in policy decision-making.

From its early days, the federation committed to actively contribute to achieving the goals outlined in the coalition agreement, aiming to position Luxembourg as a true ‘Health Hub.’ This strategic direction demonstrates Fedil Health Corporations’ commitment to playing a crucial role in transforming the country into a leading health reference center.

International promotion, accelerated digitalization, and opportunity development

One of Fedil Health Corporations’ primary missions is to foster a mutually beneficial coexistence between the private and public sectors, thereby creating an environment conducive to improving the quality of healthcare. The federation also aspires to promote the sector internationally, accelerate the digitization of healthcare services, and develop opportunities, particularly by responsibly leveraging health data.

An exchange and development platform

Now, Fedil Health Corporations is the main exchange platform for all issues and challenges specific to the private health sector in Luxembourg. This includes topics such as national and European legislative and regulatory initiatives, innovation, financing instruments, taxation, recruitment, and the appreciation of professions. The federation aims to be the catalyst for dialogue between its members and key players in the field.

The board of directors, led by Philippe Sollie from Flen Health as president and Nicolas Henckes as vice-president, consists of prominent figures in the sector who will bring their expertise during a three-year term: Erica Monferdini from B-Medical and Jean-Paul Scheuren, administrator of House of BioHealth and HE:AL Campus.

As a founding member, Fedil Health Corporations warmly invites other private healthcare sector companies to join this innovative initiative. Among the founding members are renowned names such as B Medical Systems, Hospilux, and Pfizer Luxembourg, showcasing the diversity and strength of this new federation.

Fedil Health Corporations is ready to guide Luxembourg towards a healthier, more innovative, and prosperous future for all stakeholders in the health and biosciences sector.”