Kickstarting the Commercialization of HE:AL Campus: Mapping Luxembourg’s Health Ecosystem

Jun 14, 2024

Loïc Hoffmann’s role is to start the commercialization for the HE:AL Campus. This involves visiting stakeholders in Luxembourg to get a comprehensive view of the ecosystem and the environment. This includes visiting hospitals, Luxinnovation,  and the University of Luxembourg, among others. These stakeholders play a significant role in health and health tech in Luxembourg. Currently, Loic’s role involves visiting these entities and mapping out the stakeholders within the ecosystem. This will help startups coming to Luxembourg to immediately know where to go and whom to contact, enabling them to settle and start their work as efficiently as possible.

The next steps include attending Medica, one of the largest, if not the largest, fairs for medical and health technology in the world. The HE:AL campus will have a stand with the City of Luxembourg, marking the first step in commercialization. This will allow the team to connect with startups and companies that might be interested in coming to Luxembourg.